The Fit 4.0 kick-off meeting and the the second project meeting: state of play of the project and follow-up on the IOs

This is an Erasmus+ funded project which gathers 10 partner organisations from Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and the UK. The project will run until August 2022. The project coordinator is the Italian EfVET Member, IFOA.

The Fit 4.0 project intends to address the challenges the technological developments on the industry (both production and maintenance levels) are creating to VET educational systems by describing a set of competences useful to VET teachers and by developing and testing a set of training modules fit for “4.0”, in strict co-operation with Industry.

It is expected that, by the end of the project, FIT 4.0 will have:

  • more skilled VET teachers and trainers;
  • improved quality of learning, hence better employability of students and attractiveness of VET;
  • increased and stable cooperation between training providers, teachers/trainers and enterprises;
  • availability of sustainable tools, transferable to other economic sectors and other European countries.

Each one of the partners of the project has a wealth of experience in the specific sector they operate, and the specific consortium established in the framework of this project is very complementary as each partner brings unique expertise in its area of intervention.


Following the first kick off meeting of the FIT for 4.0 project which took place in Emilia Romagna on the 8th and the 9th of October 2019, the second project meeting was unfortunately held online from the 29th September to the 2nd of October 2020 due to the pandemic restrictions. The partners decided to dedicate four mornings to all the Intellectual Outputs progresses, but the idea of the meeting was also to work together and strengthen the partnership of a quite new project started just before the pandemic. 

The first day Luca Boetti from IFOA, Project Coordinator, welcomed the participants from all partners’ organisations and introduced the state of play of the project, in particular regarding the WPs, Intellectual Outputs, and timetable. Each of the days were then dedicated to the Intellectual Outputs, respectively:

  • On Tuesday 29 September: Intellectual Output 2 – Self-assessment tool for teachers and trainers
  • Wednesday 30 September: Intellectual Output 3 – Train-the-trainer programme
  • Thursday 1 October: Intellectual Output 4 – MOOC and resource kit for teachers and trainers
  • Friday 2 October: The last day of the meeting was dedicated to:
    • A Report on internal quality management for project year 1 by I.F.O.A. 
    • A Report on external evaluation for project year 1 by the external evaluator 
    • The Financial state of play by IFOA 
    • Dissemination report by EfVET